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Welcome to a world my friends do not know I live in.
18 years old, British, currently studying first year History at the University of Roehampton, London.

Proud owner of the blog CaffeineGalore

8. October 2014


Basically Natwest (my bank for you international followers) has wiped my bank account when I had a good amount of money in there.

I rang them up and they found it was a technical fault on their behalf, but that they do not know when the funds will come back through.

I am actually broke until further notice. I can’t withdraw money, post anything from my business, or buy food (my weekly shop day is today, so I have no food). 

You’re absolutely kidding me.  

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NBC’s new hit show “Chilton”

starring Raul Esparza as Dr. Frederick Chilton as he goes about his every day life. Watch him as he orders the most expensive lattes from Starbucks and sits on a bench in an outdoor mall, (not so) silently judging people’s fashion

(via spooky-sexy-skeleton)

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Anonymous said: Thank you 😊 Sorry for the weird personal question 🙊

Haha it’s alright, don’t you worry! I’m not conscious about my body image, I like how I look :)

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12. September 2014


Hello there my lovely coffee beans and tea leaves! 


So the day is almost upon us. I leave for university in less than two days and i’m actually getting a tiny bit emotional. When I say a tiny bit, I really do mean a tiny bit. I cannot wait to leave (mostly) and put all the troubles of the past year behind me, and start afresh. So here’s a little blog post for you all because I know you absolutely adore them(!)

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Anonymous said: What size are you? 🙈 sorry for the strange question We seem to have similar body shapes and I was just wondering

Ahaha wow, personal much? ;)

I’m a size 10 on top since my boobs are practically non existent, but I have Nicki Minaj hips which means I have to go for a size 14 on bottom. 

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