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Welcome to a world my friends do not know I live in.
18 years old, British, currently studying first year History at the University of Roehampton, London.

Proud owner of the blog CaffeineGalore

Anonymous said: Thank you 😊 Sorry for the weird personal question 🙊

Haha it’s alright, don’t you worry! I’m not conscious about my body image, I like how I look :)

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12. September 2014


Hello there my lovely coffee beans and tea leaves! 


So the day is almost upon us. I leave for university in less than two days and i’m actually getting a tiny bit emotional. When I say a tiny bit, I really do mean a tiny bit. I cannot wait to leave (mostly) and put all the troubles of the past year behind me, and start afresh. So here’s a little blog post for you all because I know you absolutely adore them(!)

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Anonymous said: What size are you? 🙈 sorry for the strange question We seem to have similar body shapes and I was just wondering

Ahaha wow, personal much? ;)

I’m a size 10 on top since my boobs are practically non existent, but I have Nicki Minaj hips which means I have to go for a size 14 on bottom. 

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No I’m not smiling at you I’m smiling at your dog don’t look at me

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sorry friends i can’t go out this weekend because i’ll be at the gym all day


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